Advocating Change

This was a short workshop and seminar where we learned the impact that words have on influencing the ideas and choices people develop.
The most interesting detail was the fact that nearly 70 percent of people believe themselves to be altruistically motivated. However, the same proportion also believe others in the world are not altruistically motivated. This data obviously conflict, which is interesting as it shows people generally believe themselves to be more altruistic than others.
The speaker also showed data that proved how campaigns and ideas that appeal to internal motivations such as discovery, kindness, bravery etc. receive stronger support than external motivations such as money, power, etc.

Even though it is a common belief , especially in Singapore, that money is a strong motivating factor, this data and research goes to prove that non financial motivations can be stronger. They appeal to the belief people have in themselves, make them feel like better people, which is often worth more than money.
The speaker taught about linking values to ideas to create a strong message and that motivated people.
Certain Values were internal or intrinsic such as Charity, Kindness, Friendship. A few others were outward or extrinsic such as power, Status etc. The value that is paired with the idea influences the reaction of people receiving it.

  • Values influence behaviours and attitudes
  • Engagement strengthens values.
  • Disconnect between people belief of their intrinsic values and other’s extrinsic values.
  • Seesaw effect > conflicting values deactivating their counterpart when they are exercised
  • Ucla energy study
  • Reframing messages. Values tree > world peace

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