SIP Meeting

I went down to meet Ling Fang the Assistant Manager from Social Innovation Park (SIP) to discuss about collaborating for my residency.
Social Innovation Park dabbles in a lot of areas and expertise, focusing on change making and social improvement. Of those areas, I was most interested in the nature programs they practiced.

Kids Nature Awareness and Play Program
Primary School Kids Nature Tour Program
Citizen Farming and Agriculture in their Garden
Farm to Table Restaurant

Ling Fang and I were excited about the opportunities for collaboration especially in the Kids and Agriculture area. However one of the most interesting ones I was looking forward to, the farm to table restaurant, was unfortunately not in operation. Ling Fang mentioned that the agriculture that they were able to produce did not satisfy the demands of the restaurant, so right now it does not operate as farm to table, but bought produce from outside. However when I mentioned that I would be carrying out a residency at Carbon Inq, (education and awareness on agriculture), we thought it would be possible that after that residency I could think about planning or working on the Farm to Table revival.

Another exciting area I am looking forward to is the Nature programs for Kids. Apart from facilitating and organising Tours, I might also be designing and contributing to a Kids Nature Tour at Eco – Punngol which is done by SIP.

I can’t wait to start working on my nature program :).

After the chat, I decided to walk around the SIP grounds and have a look at the farming, gardens and restaurants they have there. They allocate spaces for residents to carry-out farming and gardening. Many people were there gardening, and lands were also being cleared to set up more lots.

There was a sensory garden on the map, so I was really excited to check it out! However after walking around the place it was supposed to be, I couldn’t find anything that looked sensory. The many gardens there were varied in nature, however, with many kinds of plants, from cacti to vegetables.

After the gardens, there were 2 amusement park rides, which, I wasn’t sure were abandoned. Next to them were a few fast food stalls however the restaurant seemed to be closed. Behind SIP, there is a amazing river/waterbody and a small mountain of lush greenery. The PCN runs parallel to this river, with dense foilage and I seem to have stepped onto another country. It feels very rural and natural. Because this was the edge of Punngol, I can see Malaysia on the horizon. It’s is so close, that I feel that I could have counted the number of windows on the buildings there.

Its starts to drizzle after this and I’m forced to run for the MRT, as Punngol is very semi-urban/rural town, without much cover.

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