Landscape Design at Saraca Rd

I was part of a landscape design job while working at Carbon Inq. We reached the site around 1 pm, when the sun was blazing hot to start working on the project.

Our aim was to create a edible garden on the roadside of the client. My supervisor had already picked out the plants and materials for the garden, which comprised of many common and underused edible plants like Sand Ginger, Hibiscus, Moses Tongue etc.

These plants grew commonly along roadsides hence the garden would not look very out of place as well.

First I had dig trenches on the sides of the bed and holes in the center to place the plants into. The holes and trenches had to form a wave pattern that was the design for the garden. Then the plants had to be de-potted and planted into the earth. Next, coco-chips were sprinkled onto the bedding to pave it as a mulch. After that, compost had to spread on top to fertilise as well as protect the soil. Finally the plant is watered down heavily.

Through this exercise, I learnt a lot about planting, agriculture processes as well as gardening. It takes a lot of elbow grease and sweat to work with nature, but the efforts bear fruit for a very long time to come.

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