Teaching at Edge Field Primary – 2

This was the second session in the series of gardening and horticulture lessons for kids at Edgefield primary school. This lesson, kids learnt about vermi-composting and worms, and also had brought back their grown sunflower seedlings for analysis and in some cases much needed resuscitation.

Most kids had in their eagerness and excitement, over watered their plants, with some plants swimming in a cm of water. We spent most of this lesson going through plant care, and how to spot symtoms of trouble in plants.

There was also a refresher on edible plants covered in the previous lesson, and some kids took the opportunity to stick those samples in their pot together with their sunflowers, and soon the classroom was full of pots bursting with greenery.

We ended class with a reminder to bring back their sunflowers for repotting next lesson.

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