Synthesis and Hypothesis with Nur

Design lab
Lect 1
Synthesis and hypothesis

Hypothesis is about questioning ——-
How might we… (Sounds similar to speculative design) ——-
Hypotheses > experiment > dunno if it succeeds or fail?

(Random idea that popped into my head)
The outdoor storybook!!!! > for children

Pill pack. First thoughts
What kind of health situation do they address that people take so many pills daily. What is the lifestyle that they are projecting?

Types of designs involved in designing pill pack
  • system design
  • Product design
  • Experience design
  • App design
  • Data design
  • Database design

Kees Dorst frame creation model , 2015


A – history of past prob
P- what makes problem hard to solve
C – practices and scenarios provide new insight
F – players , currency, power, interests, values to push, the problem in a new direction
T – bridging human (cultural) domain and other domains can be useful themes
F- if problem is approaches as of it is…
F – broadened problem, reshaped process of coevolution
T-Long term solution, public awareness, viral marketing, business plans
I – discourse, new active knowledge, (theorise, dissect our practice)

Convivial kitchen, spatial solution to prepare eat food, entertain, engage hobbies or work and enjoy being together.

Create a tool or design to bring together all ages and abilities into the kitchen not just for cooking but also for other activities.


The Unimaginary project


-impact is missing

Design by syntax by design

-order of things
-object languages

Dialogue with audience is essential for design


City portrait — What defines a city?

Small details

> question to myself
What kind of small nature detail is present in Singapore

Design briefs

Outdoor storybook
Paintings with a twist
Meaningless nature
Survival guide to Singapore

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