Design Lab with Andreas : Scenario and Speculation

I shared my project, Design Practices and speculative design briefs with Andreas. I also shared my crazy idea about the “archaeology” exhibition from year 3000 that curates certain artefacts or designs that tell a narrative of what happened in Singapore 2100.

These objects will tell a narrative of how the natural resource scarcity scenario made people look for ways to find food like foraging, urban agriculture. The narrative will be open ended as to whether they survived or not, and this is meant to make people question themselves and create discourse on the value of nature and our dependency.

  1. A survival guide or map
  2. A fantasy storybook
  3. Urban agriculture

Andreas Feedback

  • Look into models or objects that can be displayed
  • The impact is better when it is a physical model rather than a image or drawing.
  • Start designing and doing the briefs immediately and not keep developing the idea
Readings and projects to look into.
  • Royal college of the arts, Designing interactions
  • UC San Diego, Benjamin Brenton
  • James King, Future food
Things to do for next session
  • Scenario or design fiction; narrative
  • Diagrams, sketches, in progress design briefs
  • Urban agriculture – confirm
  • Survival guide map – confirm
  • Recipe book?
  • Children’s Storybook?

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