Consultation with Mitha : Speculative Scenarios

This consultation was a follow up on the first consultation where Mitha suggested me to look into speculative design. I found the concept intriguing and looked at a few readings like,

  • Speculative Everything
  • Hypertropics

Mitha’s suggestions and comments

  • Look at urban agriculture, and how it might have evolved
  • “Your project sits in the middle of when nature is almost gone, but still present and that creates the scarcity, so it’s better to explore this than look at artificial futures without nature – ( In relation to my proposal of looking at an completely artificial future without nature, as well as looking at the natural scarcity)”
  • Look at future trends, cultures, materials etc. Future of meatballs is a project that looks at artificial engineered food.
  • Look into science fiction perhaps, like the Matt Damon mars movie where he grows food, Elysium.
  • I suggested Time Machine and Chrysalis

Further Readings and Study

  • Four Futures by Peter Frase
  • Space & Place theories by Peter Casey

Next Consultation

  1. Possible Speculative Scenarios – foraging, survival map, urban agriculture
  2. In progress Design Briefs

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