Reading Discourse in Design

Krippendorf brings across many types of discourses like physics, medicine and maths. However , I think those are intrinsically different from design.

These disciplines are all fact based on universal truths and natural phenomenons. 1+1 = 2, and that objects fall down are undeniable as human ailments.

Design deals with less tangible ideas and less concrete facts. It is a system that has no definite answer, creating the need for multiple discourses to open up.

The way these other discipline discourses vary from design is that they search for the single truth, best methodology, or the correct cure. However in design there is no one answer. It can have multiple interpretations and answers – this is similar to Ferdinand de Saussure’s sign theory that says a sign can have any number of interpretations. Just as how signs are a form of language or communication design is also a form of communication or language that is the channel for ideas and discourse to happen.

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