Critical Discourse in Design with Harah : Aesthetics and Affordances

Lect 3
Aesthetics and affordances

Harah’s comment ——— Show where the switch from action research to speculative design happened in my research.

Kenya Hara framework – What would people unlearn without the natural environment?

What is the ecology of space/value/nature?


Ontology – classification, natural order of things
Epistemology – the science of knowing, why does a certain thing happen
Objectivist epistemology– how do we know things as reality? Not Phenomenology. More about knowing and logic.
Constructivist epistemology – why we believe things are true? Being told, or experience. This is phenomenology.

  • Design is semantics

Design will always be bettered.
Meaning of space – discourse in space?

Bike sharing discourse

The context and situation of Singapore has lead to discourse.
Context Discourse
Wet humid Maintenance of bikes
5 companies Market shares and much better

  • what are the vocabularies that make up you project space?
  • discourse in your topic ?
  • How have things become a norm in your discourse?
  • Draw boundaries around your discourse?
  • Product semantics

Designer and culture both influences the design. The designer projects their intention to the society through the design. The society projects its interpretation to the designer through its use. The product and use are two side of the same coin.

Kind of like Harry Potter and Voldemort – Neither can live while the other survives, and neither can die while the other lives.
  • Aesthetic experience

Aesthetics is experience. Even visual things are multi dimensions; Thought is a sensory input. Can we consider that ideas are a experience then?
E.g tea is an Aesthetic experience and cultural experience.
Wabi -Sabi – human nature is incomplete, celebrate the incomplete, nothing lasts for ever. Accepting imperfection, impermanence.

What is the characteristics of nature that can be celebrated or are impermanent? How can I bring across the cycle or inevitability of nature, the cycle of evolution?

  • Affordances

Affordances – perception allowing for different meanings to rise.
Affordances – what we can do with the perceptions. There can be multiple interpretations and affordances to an object.

Objects lends itself to be intercepted > this interpretation is an affordance of the object. Thinking or creation of reflection of self is also a affordance.

Things to consider for presentation next week

My communication – What is my affordance or aesthetic experience?
What is my design practice
What is your design contribution
What are you doing as a designer /// what are you undoing as a designer – subtractive design?
Contribution// who is part of it// organisations
Policy design// government//what should be some changes?

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