Future Trends – Luxury Attitudes

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This report discusses the future trend of craving human connection and decreasing technology in all aspects of life.

When technology like mobiles, computers were first introduced, it was considered a luxury item. However technology is very ubiquitous, and there a dime a dozen.

It is far more rare to experience human connection, as given in a poignant example in the report.

A common person may have nutrition app, a digital banking app, fitness app. However only the wealthy can afford a personal dietian, fitness trainer, and a personal banker.

As we face a digital abundance, and labour scarcity, the scarce resources become more expensive and luxurious.

It also motivates more people to seek it, however not everyone can afford it.

This is a very interesting parallel that was discussed by Peter Frase in the book Four Futures.

He considers that the elite classes will have no use for labour as everything is offset by technology. Therefore, there might come a point where lower classes are exterminated, being seen as a problem for the powerful.

In these futures, he also considers the influence of scarcity. When things become scarce, the people affected are not the wealthy. It is only the poorer classes that become unable to buy a the goods.

My article on the four futures can be found here.

This theory and the above situation mentioned by WGSN, is strikingly similar to what I consider with nature.

As nature and natural resources become increasingly scarce in the future, the natural and organic or authentic goods will become luxury commodities.

While food and hunger might be alleviated through artificial and modified goods like 3D printing food, GMO foods, etc, the authentic foods become something extremely sought after.

This could happen not just in the food sector, but also in other areas that involve a natural experience.

Creating natural experiences could become a high profile industry in the future, similar to companies that cater mystery and luxury adventures mentioned in the WGSN report.

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