Working on Briefs : Consultation with Mitha

26 Sep | 4th Consultation

I shared my progress on all my briefs with Mitha so far which are,

Feedback : Brief 1

IKEA Future MeatBalls – Reference

Mitha suggested to look at diverse varieties of future speculation based on food. I mentioned that I was a bit daunted by the scale of the Singapore, as initially my plan was to make a map for the entire Singapore

However Mitha suggested to focus on a small area as a sample of the big picture, as just take case studies as it’s not necessary to cover everything that is available. The idea of the illegallity of the foraging was a interesting concept, as in a scarce future, it would be intriguing to see how people overcome those limitations.

My pictures didn’t have to be high quality photos, or copy government styles exactly. They could have a found footage feel that enhanced the scenario.

Brief 2 : Story book

Next my brief 2 which was a storybook for future scenario. In the earlier consultation Mitha suggested looking at world war stories for kids and propaganda messages in that dystopian scenario.

I showed her my cultural probe of the story book map and qualitative research, as well as some examples and references which might be useful.

An interesting example was the eat less bread poster from world war which also looked at food scarcity and values like frugalism.

Another interesting example was the plane spotting guide the office of war published for kids. The Office published a guide that had friendly American planes and enemy planes for kids to learn as well as guide in case of emergency.

This is quite similar to the brief 1 survival guide where people can identify edible plants from poisonous plants.

I looked at possible stories plots for the storybook , and different agendas and tangents it could go on.

I had drawn a few sketches of the storyboards. I was exploring the possibility of a future scenario where people can no longer survive in the outdoors and start to live in domes. (quite common, I know) .

The outside environment is toxic and unlivable, and people wear breathe suits to go outside. The story line of the children’s book, is about a kid called Bobby, whose class has a excursion to the outside.

The wear breathe suits, explore the different mutations and strange plants and wildlives that have flourished in the outside, without human interference.

When they leave, to head inside, they have to ensure that they leave no trace of their existence, even a atom cant be left behind. So they use vacuums to suck everything in and head back in.

I also shared with Mitha a speculative children’s story programme I was working on for WWF. Click here to view

Feedback : Brief 2

Mitha emphasised on the importance on the language use and methods on working with children. The kind of language and information has to be simplified and be made clear.

I will also have to look into down scaling my projects, and maybe just do 2 briefs, as the time period is quite small for 3 briefs.

Reference to look into:

Brief 3 : Reverse Umbrella

A future where natural experience become in high demand that people drench themselves in rain water while drinking it.

Feedback : Brief 3

The idea of a umbrella is to shelter people. Speculative design rarely involves a complete opposite of function and usages. Mitha suggested to maybe just use the consuption of rainwater as the main aim, and work on a umbrella that still shelters individuals.


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