Future Thing – Speculative Game

Shirley shared a future speculation game from Situation lab.

The game is future speculation game that encourages players to thing of interesting relics or things that could exist in diverse futures.

There have 4 different future ARCS.

Where different terrains are the context

TERRAIN cards describe contexts, places, and topic areas. In a completed prompt, the terrain card describes where – physically or conceptually – the thing from the future might be found.

an thing/Object could belong to

OBJECT cards describe the basic form of the thing from the future.

which evokes a certain mood.

MOOD cards describe emotions that the thing from the future might evoke in an observer from the present.

The player is dealt one of each card, and they have to brainstorm and design a thing that could fit into the criterias given.

This card game is creates speculation and discourse and encourages people to think of the future. It is also a fun activity that allows strange yet delightful ideas to come forward and for us to explore impossible but interesting futures.

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