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Umbrella Making 2

Glue in wires to create frame Attaching rig wires to handle. Testing if wood might be better? Wood is not as flexible so might break. Handle is a tube Which allows for collecting water. Waiting for glue to dry Still waiting Stillll waiting Reverse umbrella Previous Next

Umbrella Making – 1

I explored how to make a reversible umbrella on 10 Nov and managed to make a working model for a umbrella that inverts up. The technique to making the umbrella invert up is in the stems that pushes the umbrella open. They have to be longer than the umbrella stems at the point of contact, …

2120 Nature Game Testing

*photos of the participants can’t be shared online due to PDPA restrictions* Future Cities built by kids and Families. This game and materials aare published in detail in my previous post. In summary the game is about creating and exploring future cities with specific probes and scenarios given. A sustainable food factory powered by solar …