Testing Artefact with Bettertrails (1 & 2)

One of the BA designers I shared my project with, worked with Bettertrails organisation. After hearing about the foraging speculative game, he shared it with Bettertrails who were interested in hearing about the game.


Hence, I went down to share my project and collaborate with the team on a venture. The team was excited to debut the ideas as a natural activity with their organisation.

The game I proposed to them was an upgraded version of the speculative game 2120 survival guide. We decided to do a trial run with the team members before we proceeded to do a public nature activity.

The team members received the guide and narrative, and had to map the plants they find around their neighbourhood. The members split into 2 teams of 2 and carried out the testing near their locality.

Marrisa Team
Kian Team

Learning Points & Feedback

  • Testers Feedback : Sometimes the drawings were not completely able to help them identify the plants.
  • Learning Point : I felt that using the google maps and mapping the plants on top did not have enough of a narrative. It did not feel personal or subjective, but more like a collection of data. Hence I wanted to explore a more personal and hand drawn method of mapping with my next testing.

Later I test the participants with a feedback form and test survey to identify key points and how well the design has helped them learn about nature.

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