Testing Artefact Activity – 3

After designing the booklet and resin plants, I had the opportunity to test my kit with a mother and child pair, Aarthie and Ahilesh, ages (37 & 14).

I went down to carry out video documentation and test with them. The activity last 2hrs, and first they walk around their neighbourhood looking for plants. This was the map they drew.

They were able to find many different varieties. Afterwards, I tested my upgraded future narratives based on the neighbourhood, where they built the future Skytop garden and future transport chair.

In the interview portion, the found the activity interesting and informative. It had helped them realise how much nature was actually around them, and how much edible plants were in Singapore.

They found the resin plants, plant drawings and the foraging activity the most interesting, and felt like the kit could have been more developed, as it was not portable.

They found the overall experience positive, and felt that it had improved their connection to nature, and made them more aware of nature around them.

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