Consultation with Andreas and Laser Cutting

I had designed several prototype layouts for the Artefact Kit, however, the parts lacked a certain finishing that I wanted. Therefore I decided to do laser cutting of the box parts in order to assemble the Kit.

I showed andreas the different slots i had come up with.

My material was cardboard. I pondered on wood which would give a rustic feel as well as acrylic that might suit the resin plants aesthetic. The Kit is required to be held in one hand, while people drew on the map with the other. Therefore, I decided to go with the cardboard for the lightness and portability.

The Kit consisted of the Resin plants, Guide Book, and the Map.

I thought of various ways to house the resins in the box, with slots or circles. After crafting some demo slots to place the resins in, I was able to estimate the average size and depth of the slots required. Following that, I decided to consult with Andreas about my Kit, and how to proceed with laser cutting the slots.

Andreas suggested cardboard was the best option, and that I could look at making my own box as well. I filed that away for use later, if I had spare time. He suggested certain layouts that might work and we decided to go ahead with the laser cutting.

First I tried different slots sizes in brown cardboard, to see which slots looked better and fit the resin plants. The smaller slots were too thin to fit some of the bigger resin plants. Furthermore, I wanted to try engraving the names of the plants on the cardboards for better identification.

Engravings on the cardboard didn’t work out because the laser kept cutting the cardboard than engraving. So I rushed out to get a thicker compressed type of cardboard that Andreas suggested.

Those were much better, however I decided to hold onto engraving until I had a final set of resins, after which I could confirm which plants to engrave.

The resin holder needed a small height to successively function as a stand. I had an idea to cut small engraved lines on the cardboard which could be folded creating a stand.

Of the various sizes, I tested the best was a large slot size which allowed the resin plants to rest at a more angled position which allowed for the plants to be more visible when viewed from the top.

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